accident 02-01-11.jpgA lot has been said about causes of road accidents which continue to claim lives but no solution has been made to completely curb road carnage.
However traditional leaders and traditional people agree that black spots must be cleansed.

This August has seen a lot of lives being lost a development that has increased suspicion that August is a blood month.

Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association Public Relations Manager, Mr. George Kandiero believes some of the accidents are caused by spiritual problems that attract more disasters.

He said while he cannot rule out mechanical faults on vehicles he revealed that evil spirits may cause drivers to make avoidable mistakes.

People who speak to this news crew concurred with Mr Kandiero saying the issue of appeasing spirits in August cannot be ruled out in contributing to road accidents.

Others feel that defective vehicles and reckless driving by public transporters is to blame for the continued loss of lives.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka ruled out myths surrounding road accidents saying human error is the main cause of road carnage.

He has however accepted that some of the police officers are to blame for the loss of lives through bribery.

Meanwhile the police have released names of nine people who died yesterday in the Chawasarira bus accident that claimed 20 lives.