ipmz president- victor nkomo 04-08-10.jpgHuman resource practitioners are lobbying for the creation of a Human Resources Act to regulate the operations of the profession and empower the Institute of People Management Zimbabwe (IPMZ) to uphold best practices in the profession.

Following the annual Institute of People Management Convention held recently in Victoria Falls, human resource practitioners are lobbying for the creation of a statutory instrument to govern the operations of the profession.

The envisaged act is expected to promote professional personnel practices, to ensure that individuals involved in personnel, training and human resources abide by good ethics and principles as well as mandating IPMZ to enforce appropriate codes of conduct.

Institute of People Management Zimbabwe President, Mr. Victor Nkomo said unlike other professions such as law and medicine there is no legislation regulating the personnel sector.

“The major piece of legislation that is there is the Labour Relations Act which does not deal with professional matters relating to human resources per se.

“It deals with the employer -employee relations,” said Mr Nkomo.

Negotiations are already ongoing with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education as the IPMZ is registered as a professional training institute, while consultations with the Labour Ministry are expected to commence soon.

The human resource base is expected to play a critical role in the recovery of the economy through skills provision.

However, there are many workforce challenges affecting the country including skills shortages, inadequate resources to pay salaries as well as unemployment and retrenchment of workers.