The visiting Howard University volleyball team squad says Zimbabwe volleyball is on a good path and the level of the game locally is impressive.

Following their first educational tour of Africa, the USA based volleyball team who played local powerhouses Harare City on Wednesday said the level of the local game is commendable.

Assistant Athletic Director Brittany Bell Surrat said they had to embark on the educational tour to Zimbabwe for their students to get an appreciation of the Zimbabwean culture in view of a number of myths surrounding African people.

“With our university being home to Zimbabwean students, we saw it fit to come and play here for our students to understand the local people as well as learn how other teams are managing their teams,” said Surrat.

Howard coach Shaun Kupferberg added he was particularly thrilled to play in front of an animated crowd they are not used to.

“The game is animated here, the fans rally behind the team stimulating the game,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Volleyball Association president Ringisai Mapondera said the 3-0 drubbing suffered by Harare City is an indication that more still needs to be done to develop the local game.

“The results show that there’s still more to learn to improve our game,” noted Mapondera.

Howard University has a partnership which will see some local volleyball players enrolling at the college.

Prior to their coming to Zimbabwe, the university played with two Botswana teams, won one match and lost the other.