housing cooperatives.jpgHarare East Housing Union is engaging Goromonzi Rural District Council over the continuous invasion of their land by suspected bogus unions in Caledonia farm which are alleged to be stalling progress in the construction of houses.


As the demand for housing continues to soar, there has been a major challenge for housing cooperatives and councils over the allocation of land resulting in some home-seekers embarking on invasions which are reportedly affecting existing housing cooperatives.

It is against this background that Harare East Housing Union members and Goromonzi Rural District Council officials met to deliberate on the way forward regarding illegal settlers.

The union chairman Mr. Nelson Mandizvidza said the developments in Caledonia are affecting progress of the union hence the need for the council to swiftly intervene.

Goromonzi Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abednego Zvobgo said the union should ensure that their papers are in order to avoid such incidences as they would have jurisdiction over the land adding that consultations with relevant authorities is critical in resolving land disputes.

Harare East Housing Union has over 40 housing cooperatives in Caledonia farm with houses at various stages of development.

However, there is also a dispute between Harare City Council and Goromonzi Rural District Council on who owns the land.