Call it the healing pool, Hotsprings has natural hot water with therapeutic and healing powers, which has been equated to the Biblical ‘Pool of Bethesda’.

The water has healing powers and many people have travelled across the length and breadth of the country to just dip themselves in the three different pools at the ‘Chimanimani pool of Bethesda’.

The natural water that has been flowing constantly over the years, since time immemorial has become a healing pool for many people with different ailments as people flock the resort place of Hotsprings just for the healing waters.

The Chimanimani Rural District Council has since created three different swimming pool sizes with different temperatures fed by the natural hot water from the Hotsprings.

It is suspected that scientifically the water comes from the earth structure where there are three layers namely crust, mantle and core, and due to dormant volcano it causes the water to heat up to 75 degrees celcius.

It is believed that the temperature from the main source is so high to approximately and the main water source is suspected to be between 2000 and 3000 kilometres from the earth surface, according to one Mr James Nemutenzi who has been working at Hotsprings for more than 25 years.

a visit to the healing pool saw both the young and the aged enjoying the natural hot water as they swim in different pools.

The water which oozes out of the earth crust has 16 chemicals with medicinal values, notes the chief executive officer for Chimanimani RDC Mr Nehemia Deure whose local authority is in charge of the resort.

The myth and belief that heaven opens when you throw a wish coin in the Hotsprings has seen the place littered with silver and gold coins.

Mr Nemutenzi has seen it all and he acknowledged that that some people had their dreams come true after making their wishes at Hotsprings.

Even some churches have also found a central place to baptise their new converts as they take advantage of the healing water.

ZBC caught up with some people who had come from Masvingo and Mutare to have a feel of the healing water whilst some were busy swimming in the different pools.

Upon interview they described the Hotsprings waters as a rare God given gift and a natural hospital, with the most sweetest water on earth.

Besides the natural warmness of the Hotsprings pools, the water is also uncontaminated and it can be used for domestic consumption.

Indeed many people received healing after swimming.

What a rare and another natural wonder, that is the story of Hotsprings.