The hospitality industry is leading in terms of satisfying customers after scoring top marks in a recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management.     

Out of 11 sectors surveyed, the hospitality industry has recorded the most satisfied customers after scoring 84,7 percent on the customer satisfaction index.

The medical aid sector came second, while the long term insurance was third.

The airline sector scored lowest at 69,4 percent customer satisfaction, while banking and internet service providers also recording a high number of unhappy customers.

Chartered Institute of Customer Management Public Relations Officer, Gamuchirai Makedenge said there are initiatives to help customer facing industries improve service delivery including a conference set for Wednesday in Harare.

Following the survey, the national average of the customer satisfaction index was staggered at 75,5 percent, indicating that Zimbabwean customers are predominantly happy with the services they are receiving from service providers.   

Four sectors were above the average index level with seven falling below the national average.