marketss flot2.jpgThe horticulture industry has stepped up efforts to export its products in order to generate the much needed revenue which will be channeled into the procurement of new machinery to expand the sector.


The horticulture sector is experiencing recovery in terms of production and players in the industry are considering an export strategy that will enable the industry to gain access to more external markets.

Fresh Produce Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Chairman Mr. Newton Jaravani confirmed that while the sector is still experiencing financial challenges, it is important to focus on profitable export markets to increase the revenue generation base.


“The export market is one of the key priorities for the industry and we hope that we will increase our locally produced goods to the external markets,” said Jaravani.

Mr. Jaravani said the industry has however been prejudiced of potential revenue during the air-travel chaos which was caused by an Iceland volcanic ash last month which affected Europe, the biggest market for local horticulture. 


The horticulture industry is considered strategic in terms of unlocking revenue from exports on the back of a ready demand for highly regarded Zimbabwean products in markets such as South Africa, Europe, the Far East, Asia and Latin America.