Horticulture model farms in Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West and Midlands provinces established after an agreement between ZIMTRADE and Netherlands based horticultural experts are now operational as pilot projects to form the basis to the resuscitation of the sector.

A Dutch horticulture expert, Carel van Oostreze confirmed that the scoping exercise that begun in August 2018 to demonstrate best practices of horticulture farming methods, including seed selection and perfect cultivation techniques, is now coming to fruition.

“The progress that has happened to the model farms is very encouraging to the revival of horticulture in the country,” she said.

ZIMTRADE CEO, Mr Allan Majuru said the success stories of the model farms are baby steps in the right direction as these farms will align local farmers to international demands and expectations to produce competitively and generate the much needed foreign currency into the country.

“The objective is to create a robust out-growers scheme around these farms,” Mr Majuru added.

Agro dealer, Mr Austin Chinyangare said there is need to support farmers with the right equipment specifically tailor made for the sector if ever the country is to realise full potential of horticulture as has been the case in the past.

Resuscitation of horticulture presents Zimbabwe with a sustainable way of generating foreign currency to transform the socio -economic well being of the country.