comesa_logo.gifCaptains of industry and commerce are confident that the country will comply with COMESA Customs Union’s requirements for Zimbabwe to implement tariff phase down measures and remove trade barriers by 2012, a move it believes will create opportunities for industrial growth.



Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Vice President Mr. Tendai Mavhima said Zimbabwe stands to benefit from the COMESA Customs Union and the government should move swiftly to comply with the Union’s requirements.


“Indeed compliance to the Customs Union will definitely be an important element to the extent that we just hope everything will be done smoothly,” Mavhima said.


An industrialist Mr. Masimba Rubatika said it is in the interest of the business community to focus on the regional markets to create opportunities for growth and solve financial problems affecting companies.


“We are lobbying for compliance to the customs union so that the nation does not lag behind,” said Mr Rubatika.


Representatives of the COMESA member states met in Harare this week to review compliance to the tariff phase down structures as the regional trading bloc gears for the free movement of goods and services.


At the meeting, it emerged that regional trade will increase by more than 60% from the current 20% in the event that the Customs Union becomes a reality.