president r.g. mugabe in namibia 170810.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe has implored SADC member states to establish joint industries that add value to raw materials produced in African countries.
Speaking during the closing ceremony of the 30th SADC Summit Cde Mugabe said the continued enslavement of the people and continued exporting of Africa’s raw materials is not what the founding fathers of the SADC fought for.
The President also spoke strongly about some leaders of the young generation who are inviting back the former oppressors and are selling back their freedom that was won by Africa’s liberators saying no amount of money should persuade them to betray the blood and suffering of Africa’s liberators.
Cde Mugabe condemned those who are trying to stifle Zimbabwe’s efforts to develop the country through the exploitation of diamonds saying some western countries are keen to see their companies benefitting from Zimbabwean resource and not the local people.
Cde Mugabe commended the region for enhancing coordination of projects in the energy sector through the establishment of the Southern Africa power pool which has helped the region to manage and share power effectively especially at a time when SADC is experiencing power shortages.


Coming to agriculture, President Mugabe stressed the need for SADC to adopt technologies production methods inorder to reverse the negative effects of droughts and flooding which is undermining food security in SADC member states.
bostwana-sa president.jpgThe President took the opportunity of the commemoration to narrate to those gathered, how the struggling people of Zimbabwe joined hands with Zambia’s Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Botswana’s Sir Seretse Khama and Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere in waging the independence struggle.
Cde Mugabe received a standing ovation when he revealed how after Zimbabwe’s Independence in 1980 the late Mwalimu Nyerere and other founding fathers roped in the Zimbabwean military in transporting arms to aid the South African liberation struggle and to SWAPO of Namibia.
To honour some of those who played a big part in the emancipation of Southern Africa new SADC Chairman Hifukepunye Pohamba presented Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Sam Nujoma and Retired Brigadier General Hashim Mbita with the Seretse Khama medal, for the role they played in liberation and integration of SADC.
president-vp.jpgMeanwhile, President Mugabe has since returned home.