Japan’s auto giants Toyota and Honda have announced that their global production in March dropped to half compared to the same period last year.

Media reports say Toyota Motor Corp. reported on Friday that its global output declined 48 percent, while Honda Motor Co. said its production slumped by 52.9 percent.


The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan destroyed infrastructure as well as plants that provided component parts for auto companies.


The crisis at the Fukushima power plant also caused widespread power shortages, creating more trouble for the ailing auto industry.


Toyota and Honda have also said their production in Japan during March has fallen 74.5 and 81 percent respectively.


Toyota said in May that its quarterly profit fell more than 75 percent due to the shortage of auto parts.


Honda forecasts that production at its North American factories will return to near-normal levels in August. Toyota has also announced its production in North America will reach 70 percent of normal in June.


Honda has 21,000 US factory workers and 10 auto factories in the US and Canada.


None of the two companies has dismissed workers during the production crisis.


The Japanese government says the crisis caused by the flood and tsunami is the worst Japan has been faced with since World War II. – PressTV