Attitude they say makes a man and to explore the art of survival.

In this article, our reporter Andrew Neshamba explores the day to day survival story of many in the ghetto.

The dawn of each morning signals a new beginning, it is what science has termed the human race…it is the race for survival and the survival race is amazingly interesting in the ghetto.

The morning signals a time to rush to work for some, who neatly dress up but cannot leave without having been smeared some dust rising from the daily tasks of housewives who wake up to sweep their yards and do other households chores.

The rise of the sun also means those who sleep in areas defined as public rooms ought to make way for the women to start the home chores.

For many adults with no jobs, sun bathing becomes the first task of the day.

Air pollution is rife as rubbish is being burnt and those who would have slept tipsy, the hang-over effects take them to the nearest liquor centre for early morning seeps hoping to douse off the hangover.

In every situation, there is always a brighter side, and in the ghetto it is the easy access to day to day commodities and their fair pricing mode. The community is defined by its way of life that more often binds it as a family in joy and even in bereavement.

History has often proved the ghettos are a necessary process point that has shaped some of the world billionaires with critical survival strategies.

Talk of George Soros or Oprah Winfrey – these have shown billionaires do not always come from moneyed backgrounds.

So forget about the big houses in the low density suburbs and the expensive cars, it is home sweet home in the ghetto.