Home seekers are expecting the Land Developers Bill to address a number of challenges they are facing in the housing sector which include the land barons issue and private developers whom they constantly accuse of fleecing them.

As the government is working towards enacting the Land Developers Bill with expectations being high that the bill will provide a clear framework that will guide land developers operations.

Norton residence said they expect the proposed bill to bring sanity as they continue to lose their hard earned money to unscrupulous land barons and other private developers.

The government should also amend the deeds registry act to include title sessions as research is showing that many home owners do not have title deeds, said University of Zimbabwe lecturer Ms Audrey Kwangwama.

Norton legislator, Mr Themba Mliswa said consultations are critical at all levels in the coming up with developers bill.

Of late there has been an outcry in the housing sector between home seekers, land barons, private developers and the local government over misuse of funds, double allocations and illegal sell of state land.