zrp in truck.jpgPolice have revealed that no serious crimes were recorded countrywide during the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays, with only a few cases of murder occurring at beer outlets.

Police efforts to fight crime over the holidays by setting up crack teams have paid off as there was a drastic reduction in serious crimes.

Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka attributed the drastic reduction in serious crimes such as carjacking, armed robberies and house breaking to ZRP’s hard stance against criminals.

During the same period over the past years, an average of 7 armed robberies used to be recorded.

However, it was not the same in the traffic section where 22 people died on the roads, compared to 15 last year.

Chief Superintendent Mandipaka said such road carnage is unacceptable especially as most were caused by human error.

The loss of 22 lives this holiday comes after another 37 people died just before the holidays in two separate accidents in Nyazura and Mvurwi.