aids-hiv.jpgGovernment has commended SADC for setting aside US$7 million to support implementation of HIV and AIDS research topics and interventions in the region, saying the move will assist in the development of effective policies.

The remarks were made at the HIV and AIDS Research Priorities 2010 to 2012 launch ceremony held in Harare.

In 2008, SADC developed a regional HIV and AIDS research agenda and encouraged member states to come up with individual priorities.


Zimbabwe responded and has developed a national document that will assist the country in building research capability in response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.


The research priorities are also expected to guide the country in spending the limited resources in the areas of greatest need.

Addressing stakeholders and SADC representatives who have collaborated with Zimbabwe in rolling out HIV and AIDS research capability in the region, Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera said while it is acceptable to rely on external scholars and sources for evidence to shape the country’s response, there is need to develop local solutions to local challenges.

Zimbabwe has recorded significant milestones in the response to HIV and AIDS including a sharp decline in HIV incidence and prevalence as well as the rise in the number of people accessing treatment services.


However, what is lacking is relevant and appropriate strategies to address the pandemic. The launching of the 2010-2012 HIV and AIDS Research Priorities is expected to change the course of the pandemic by bringing in effective policies.