book.jpgProlific author Virginia Phiri’s latest offering, Highway Queen, looks at various issues in life such as health, education, economics, poverty and crime, all woven together in a master piece novel that no-one who starts to read it can afford to put  down.


Author Virginia Phiri is a writer par excellence. She has been congratulated by hundreds of local readers for tackling complex global social issues in a simple way in her latest novel, Highway Queen.


One character in the book, a Mrs Mumba, is a central figure whose character depicts a woman whose vulnerability becomes her source of strength.


The issue of HIV and Aids is given realistic examination in Highway Queen in a simple story line and language that will leave the reader horrified by some of the realities of life that the book touches on.


Highway Queen is a follow up to Phiri’s first novel, Desperate and thus she needed to keep on researching on more topical issues that needed to be brought to light. The novel does not only look at the spread of the pandemic but also gives thrust to the treatment and care for the affected and infected.


viginia phiri.jpgBorn in Bulawayo in 1954, some of her works include co-authoring Zimbabwe Women Writers anthologies in both fiction and non-fiction journals.


“Desperate” her first solo book was published in 2002 and the second book Destiny in 2006.


Phiri was a Writer in Residence in Switzerland in 2006 and in Germany in 2008.  The 190-page novel pays tribute to all women who have sacrificed their lives, health and happiness in order to fend for their families and communities.