A mysterious road sign in Harare’s Highlands suburb has left many motorists with question marks on its meanings in the urban set up.

This is a busy road which many motorists use everyday but few have stopped to notice this mysterious hump sign with a goat.

What is interesting about this sign is the way the goat is printed showing it may be a new type of a sign or someone is trying to pull a prank.

The mysterious road sign along Kew Drive in Highlands is replicated about 5 times in the area raising question marks from motorists and passengers on whether it’s a warning of goats in the area or what.

Surprisingly some haven’t noticed the sign.

Further inspection shows not all the hump signs in the area have a goat stamp on them.

It remains a mystery whether the professionally inscribed goat is an error or it is a prank by a mischievous individual.

What is clear is that there is no such road sign in the category of Zimbabwean or SADC road signs.