The Harare City Council’s plan to sell the Highfield Canaan apartments has been met with resistance by residents who have been occupying the properties since the 1970s.

Residents of Highfield Canaan have been thrown into misery after council sent them 24 hour eviction notices from their two-roomed houses which they occupied since 1973.

The residents represented by Mr Nomore Chikowero and Joshua Marava said they have been paying rentals to council and although they acknowledge arrears in rates, they were shocked when council blocked all water sources at a time when they are expecting the authority to issue them with title deeds.

Speaking to the ZBC News, Highfield legislator, Cde Psychology Maziviswa said the residents have communicated their plight to him and council must act in good faith as there appears to be an agenda to discredit his candidacy ahead of the general election next year.

Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme however refuted the existence of any ‘agenda,’ revealing that the apartments are being sold to the sitting tenants and they are encouraged to visit council offices to submit their payment plans.

Highfield Canaan residents took residence in the two-roomed houses which were leased to them in 1973 in the then Rhodesia under the government notice number 987 of December 1967.