Caledonia residents say the Urban Development Corporation (UDCORP) must place development of the road network at the top of their radar as its current state is impacting negatively on their livelihoods.

Residents of Caledonia, many of whom hailed the entity mandated with developing state land from rescuing them from some land barons and cooperatives which had fleeced many of their hard earned cash say more efforts needs to be made to ensure the area is more accessible.

A portion of the 4.2km Gazebo road linking Caledonia with Tafara and Damafalls has been completed with the heavy rains that have fallen also making navigation through the area a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians alike.

UDCORP planner, Ms Constance Muchono says the contractor in charge of the Gazebo road is still at work with a tender for the construction of access roads expected to be flighted soon.

While electricity is now a reality for some residents, availability of water and sewer remains problematic.

Despite the problems being faced in the area, the strides that have been made thus far have seen Caledonia standing out as a model for regularisation of slum settlements sprouting on the outskirts of urban areas.