A high school student went into labour during mid-year exams and gave birth to a baby girl at Al-Khamisha High School in Makkah, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Zuhoor, a student in the 10th grade, was sitting the English exam when suddenly her water broke and she went into labour.

She let out a shrieking scream of pain, which made the supervisors and teachers to rush to her aid.

They hauled her out of the examination hall and called the Red Crescent to take her to hospital.

However, Zuhoor went into labour before the paramedics could arrive at the scene.

The teachers and the school staff had to deliver her baby, whom she called Zainab.

The paramedics came nonetheless and transported Zuhoor and her newborn to a nearby hospital for checkups.

Zuhoor and her newborn are in good health and she thanked the school staff for the way they handled the situation and helped her give birth at a time it was quite unexpected.