nelson chamisa 22-08-10.jpgThe Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Mr  Nelson Chamisa says this year’s Africa ICT Expo, which is expected to bring together players in the sector will focus on leveraging ICTS for the achievement of the millennium development goals.


This year’s event, which is scheduled for the 14th to the 16th of September, is being organised by the government in conjunction with the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe and will run under the theme “ICTs in Africa: Prospects for Development.”

Mr Chamisa said the government is working with the private sector to improve accessibility of ICTs in all social and economic sectors including industry, commerce, education and health among others.

“We have decided to zero in on developments brought about by ICTs in achieving the Millennium Development Goals,” said Mr Chamisa.

Mr Chamisa added that the expo will create a platform for information communication technology operators and users to take stock of developments as well as showcasing products and services.

The exhibition has come at a time when there is rapid growth of the country’s ICT sector including development of telecommunications infrastructure, introduction of news services and increased availability of technologies such as computers and cell-phones due to lifting of duty on such items. 

It is expected to feature exhibitors from regional countries including South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Burkina Faso as well as the Minister of Technology from Trinidad and Tobago to share experiences.