car dumbsite.jpgHarare’s high density car parks, which have been established by the council to accommodate vehicles during the night, have been transformed into illegal car dump sites with some people abandoning their vehicle wreckages under the guise of overnight parking.  

The number of vehicle wreckages occupying parking areas in the capital’s high density areas has risen over the years, leaving car park owners clue-less.


Car park owners say attempts to locate owners of the vehicles have failed as some provide fake personal details while others were tenants who move from place to place.


A car park owner in Budiriro, Mr. Philip Simango says his revenue inflows have been affected since the abandoned vehicles are occupying parking space.


“Some cars have been here for over three years,” said Mr.Simango.
New players in the industry say council instructed them to accommodate a vehicle for up to a month after which if the owner fails to come then the vehicle will be towed away.

While the car parks are owned by the City of Harare, they are being leased to private players who operate on profit basis while paying a fee to council.

Meanwhile, vandals are taking advantage of the situation by stripping abandoned vehicles while some residents are now dumping refuse at the vehicle wreckages, creating a potential health hazard.


Contacted for comment ,City of Harare Spokesperson, Mr Leslie Gwindi could not give a comment saying he was attending a meeting.