horticulture_centre_gardens.jpgHorticulture production has slowed down due to high production costs and low demand for the produce.


For the second consecutive year the horticulture industry is experiencing a slump in sales as the high price of inputs has pushed  production costs up.


This has been compounded by low demand from international buyers who are opting for produce from East Africa such as Kenya and Uganda.


A horticulture producer Mr. Charles Nyachowe said while demand is improving locally the sales volumes are too little to ensure viability of the sector which thrives on exports.


Mr. Nyachowe highlighted that the local producers had missed an opportunity to widen their market base to South Africa during the World Cup Scheduled for June.


 In 1999 exports of horticulture products including flowers and citrus fruits to Europe and the Middle East reached a peak, generating US$144 000 000 in revenue an issue which indicates that industry has potential of being one of the country’s major foreign currency earners.