People with albinism are at a greater risk of being affected by skin cancer and are appealing to the government for free treatment as many of them cannot afford funds for medication.

Thomas Chirume (39), Tonderai Mushonga (37) and Liberty Musonza (24) have skin cancer, a condition that is affecting most people with albinism.

Their condition is worsening as the disease continues spreading because they cannot afford medication or sunscreen lotion to protect their sensitive skin from the sun’s rays.

Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe Executive Director, Ms Loveness Mainato appealed to the government for free treatment of cancer for people with albinism as many of them are dying silently in remote areas due to lack of funds.

“There is also need to provide sunscreen lotions at a subsidised price. Import duty being levied on the products is very high and many people living with albinism cannot afford to buy them, so they rely on well wishers despite,” she said.

The sunscreen lotion is rarely found in public hospitals and a tube currently costs $15 in private hospitals and pharmacies, making it exorbitant for many who require a minimum of 2 tubes in a month.