Rains wreaked havoc in Beitbridge destroying homes, inflicting damage on a school, a clinic and part of the roof at the border post.

Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of serving unpleasant recipes.

When the rains pelted Beitbridge in the last two days, they left a trail of destruction.

Mr Tshilivhali Nyathi and his family are traumatised.

The storm accompanied by heavy winds destroyed their entire home in Mtetengwe Village.

Belongings were also soaked in the rain.

The family of five is searching for answers on why such a misfortune could have befallen them.

Other villagers have also related chilling incidents of that stormy moment.

Besides the homes, the nearby Mtetengwe clinic and school had their roofs damaged.

Beitbridge Border Post also suffered damage to its roof.

While for institutions the story might be different, for Tshilivhali Nyathi and his family, it’s purely a moment of sadness.

When others retire for the night in their homes, they might have to settle for a night by the fire if no help to rebuild their home comes anytime soon.