At a time when the country is fighting cholera, Chitungwiza residents have expressed concern over blocked drainage system which poses a health threat to traders operating at Makoni shopping center.

With a blocked drainage system that has led to stagnant water during the rains, a number of traders in Chitungwiza have been operating right at the centre of sewer water a situation that have been a cause for concern.

Speaking to the ZBC News during a cleanup and awareness campaign held in Chitungwiza, traders said the situation poses a health threat to them and people around the area.

Meanwhile, Takudzwa Chinotingamira, a representative of Air Global Zimbabwe, said it is critical that communities avoid air pollution and maintain hygienic standards at the workplace and household level to avoid cases of cholera outbreaks.

Cases of cholera and typhoid are being fuelled in most cases by obsolete water and sewer reticulation systems as well as inconsistent water supplies in towns and cities.