HIV and AIDS advocacy groups have taken the recent World AIDS Day commemorations to appeal to the government to consider the health sector and allocate 15 percent of the budget towards the sector in line with the dictates of the Abuja Agreement.

Zimbabwe is getting much of its health budget from the donor community, a situation which has created a dependency syndrome within the sector with advocacy groups raising the red flag that the country’s health delivery system can easily collapse in the event the donors decide to pull out.

TAAF Zimbabwe Executive Director, Mr Emmanuel Gasa told the ZBC News that he has strong belief in Zimbabwe’s new establishment under President Emmerson Mnangangwa that the country’s budget will fulfill some of the international treaties, to which Zimbabwe is a signatory.

For Society for Pre and Postnatal Services Team Leader, Mr Amos Mavhu, Zimbabwe’s failure to have centers for screening and monitoring mental illness for early detection is a cause for concern as most HIV and AIDS patients are prone to such conditions.

The country has made considerable strides in tackling health related issues but more can be achieved if the sector is allocated enough funding.