henry madzorera3 26.08.10.jpgThe 52nd Health Ministers Conference ended in Harare on Friday with 9 resolutions that will assist member states from the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa region (ECSA) to continue strengthening health delivery services in their respective countries being passed.

After 2 days of intense deliberations by ministers of health from the Eastern, Central and Southern African region on a number of critical issues affecting the health sector in member countries, plus input from the two forums of the health community that preceded the health minister’s conference, a set of 9 resolutions have been passed.

Zimbabwe which will be represented by the Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera  is now chairing the ECSA health community organisation, taking over from Ugandan Minister of Health, Dr Stephan Mallinga who chaired the organisation from 2009 to 2010.

In a media briefing at the end of the conference, Dr Madzorera announced the 9 resolutions which are expected to strengthen health service delivery in member states.

“Resolution 1 is on evidence based policy making, 2 on universal health coverage, 3 on maternal child, reproductive health and family planning, 4 on gender-based violence, 5 human resources for health leadership, 6 on nutrition and 7 monitoring,” said Dr Madzorera.

Incoming Deputy Chairman of ECSA, Kenya’s Dr James Mukabi said having the 52nd conference hosted by Zimbabwe has accorded many delegates a chance to see for themselves that the country is stable, contrary to lies peddled by the western media.

He said close co-operation amongst member states is critical if African countries are to overcome current challenges affecting the health sector across the region.

“We would like to thank the Zimbabwean government for hosting us and demonstrating to  the west that the country is committed to quality health service delivery for its citizens, despite the lies that are peddled elsewhere,” said Dr Mukabi.

ECSA health community seeks to expand on regional advocacy agenda to focus on opportunities and challenges in harnessing evidence to effect positive transformation in health delivery across the region.