Abundant flies and rising choking smoke on a daily basis, has become a common feature for residents at Range high density suburb in Masvingo.

Never mind the health hazards that come with it, this is the life that the residents are subjected to as council continues to dump waste at a condemned dump site.

While most find comfort in their homes, it is a different story for those who reside in the mushrooming, Range high density suburb in Masvingo. 

The residents here live close to the waste dump site which continues to be used by council despite being condemned about 4 years ago.

Waste continues to be dumped on the surface a few meters from houses and as a result, flies are a common feature tormenting the residents. 

Smoke is also continuously emitted into the atmosphere due to burning waste.

Despite numerous complaints, the residents said they are still waiting on the city fathers to come up with a solution.

Most of the residents are forced to keep their windows closed at all times as opening them will worsen the situation.

Quizzed on the matter, Masvingo Mayor Councillor Hubert Fidze, however, indicated that council is negotiating for the acquisition of land where they will create a new dumpsite.