housing coorperatives 21-09-10.jpgA health hazard is looming in a Dzivarasekwa Extension where more than 152 households are sharing one toilet and one borehole.

It has all been described as putting the cart before the horse, as beneficiaries of the DZ Extension housing scheme were allowed to move into their allocated stands before any ablution facilities are put in.

This scenario best describes the developments at a new suburb called clusters, in Dzivarasekwa extension.

300 families benefitted under the housing scheme and so far more than 152 families have moved onto their stands.

Some have already constructed a room or two, while the majority are still using wooden cabins.

What is worrisome however is the lack of ablution facilities.

A social worker in the area says cases of diarrhoea are on the increase in the suburbs and the most affected are children.

The unavailability of proper ablution facilities has led to many people resorting to bushes nearby, which could turn out to be a ticking time bomb as the rainy season is approaching.

For the beneficiaries, the joy of owning a stand is being overshadowed by the fear of contracting diseases.