hre hosp.jpgThe country’s health sector is lobbying for a 15% allocation in the 2012 National Budget, in line with the Abuja Declaration made by African Union heads of state in 2001.

Even though Zimbabwe is a signatory to the Abuja Declaration passed in April 2001, which stipulates that all AU member states must allocate at least 15% of the total budget to the ministry of health, the country has failed to meet such commitments.

Stakeholders in the health sector say while the government has shown commitment in improving health delivery in the country, some funding gaps, which can only be addressed by enough budgetary allocation, have remained a major challenge.

Harare Central Hospital Chief Executive, Ms Peggy Zvavamwe said health systems are competing for inadequate resources, adding that this anomaly can only be addressed if the national budget allocates adequate resources.

Community Working Group on Health Executive Director, Mr Itayi Rusike said if the country is serious about providing anti-retroviral drugs to all people in need, reduce maternal mortality and improve maternal health, then the 2012 budget must adhere to the Abuja Declaration.

In the 2011 National Budget, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare received a paltry US$100 million against its request of US$534 million.

This was despite the fact that 70% of diseases and deaths in the country are due to lack of adequate resources, appropriate drugs and obsolete equipment, and could be prevented if the ministry was allocated enough funds.