Harare City Council says it is working on fast-tracking the completion of new bus termini in the capital to decongest the central business district (CBD) following the coming on board of a mass transport system.

Construction work had stopped at the site of one of the newly proposed ranks, the Warren Park bus terminus, but what is worrying the most is the pace of progress at the site.

The state of most bus termini in Harare raise eyebrows as to how public transport would be managed following the introduction of mass public transport rolled out by the government as a counter measure to the transport difficulties which were being faced in the country.

Harare City Council Public Relations Manager, Micheal Chideme said work towards the completion of bus termini will resume soon following the latest developments.

“Ongoing works were temporarily paused following diesel shortages in the country but going forward, we are receiving numerous calls from corporates who want to chip in on the projects as optimism is high that the public transport scheme will be a success,” he said.

The completion of the new Warren Park bus terminus carry so much hope to both the public and the transport sector as this will help de-congest the central business district.