harmony singers.jpgDespite coming 3rd in the Regional Choral Contest last year, Chitungwiza Harmony Singers say they are now geared up for the annual competition which commences in South Africa in early September.


Although they were a little disappointed for not having won the regional finals after having won it on three occasions, the choir’s founder and director, Mr. Israel Dzangare says the group is fully focused this time around.


“We are happy that we have managed to strengthen our skills through immense practice and we can safely say we are geared up for these years’ competitions,” said Mr Dzangare.


Chitungwiza Harmony Singers have a vast collection of perfectly executed music, both gospel and secular.


The group, which is expected to travel to South Africa on the 29th of next month, has a strong belief that the crown will be brought back home as significant progress has been recorded since the last competition.