rural soccer.jpgHardbody Football Club from Gweru has been declared the ZIFA Central Region 2011 winners after Beitbridge side, Triple B’s appeal was thrown out by the arbitration committee.

The commercial arbitration centre upheld the position taken by the ZIFA appeals committee which set aside the docking of 42 points.

The commercial arbitration centre has cited the football association,ZIFA to ratify the its rules and regulations in order to stem the incidences of irregular conduct and failure to enforce rules and regulations.

In a judgement passed this Thursday, Triple B’s appeal was thus dismissed in its entirety and the club has been ordered to pay the costs of appeal including the fees levied by the arbitral panel.

This is the last court of appeal and the decision made by the commercial arbitration centre is incontestable.

The centre also endorsed recommendations by the appeals committee that a thorough investigation be carried out on the player in question.

The other teams which were promoted from Division One are Quelaton from the Southern Region, Harare City from the Northern Region as well as Buffaloes from the Eastern Region.