The general populace has commended the on-going cleanup process by government in Harare’s Central Business District following a cholera outbreak a few weeks ago as a good move which has started to restore the city status.

The outbreak of cholera in Harare brought a new chapter in the city when government ordered vendors and public transporters to be organised and in a bid to reduce the spread of the deadly endemic, gave a directive for vending operators to vacate the city and go to designated spaces.

A snap survey by the ZBC News showed most streets and pavements were not only clean but passable, a development that was given a thumbs up by the ordinary people who said it is the right direction in reclaiming Harare’s sunshine city vibe and possibly a world class status soon.

Others, however, said while they commend the move council should monitor and assist in the speedy allocation of stalls at designated space as this is proving to be a challenge for some.

The Harare CBD had been turned into an eyesore with unsanctioned vending happening at almost every corner in most instances prejudicing the formal sector and making the roads untraffickable while the menace of litter had become a headache for the city fathers.

The litter provided fertile ground for disease breeding which resulted in recurrent hygiene related outbreaks such as cholera and typhoid.