The City of Harare says it is embarking on a blitz where they will conduct medical tests on food handlers operating in outlets scattered around the city.

The council says the blitz will also inform on the importance of hygiene.

City of Harare Health Director Dr Prosper Chonzi says food handler medicals determine if an individual is a carrier of any harmful pathogenic organisms.

He says bacteria, viruses and parasites are known to cause over 250 known food-borne diseases.

It is with medical tests and examinations that the spread of diseases can be stopped.

Dr Chonzi also urged Harare residents to shy away from food cooked in undesignated places.

Raw and under-cooked food, infected handlers and inadequate hygiene measures in processing and storing such food may lead to those who consume falling ill.

There are a number of food outlets in the city, many of them operating illegally.