The City of Harare says it is working towards rehabilitating Pomona landfill site after it availed US$3.5 million towards the project from its 2018 budget.

Surrounded by residential areas and recreational facilities, Pomona dumpsite continues to be affected by garbage dumped on a daily basis and of late fire outbreaks have become a perennial problem posing health and environmental challenges.

This has put the City of Harare under spotlight for poor waste management practices prompting it to set aside US$3.5 million for the installation of a weighbridge to ascertain the amount of waste and to carry out a feasibility study for the development of a proper landfill site.

The city’s Director of Works Engineer Isaiah Chawatama revealed the new waste to energy technology is still new to council and they are engaging private partners to work towards adopting sustainable waste management practices.

To decongest the area and cut operational costs, the City of Harare intends to identify a new landfill area.