Motorists have bemoaned the state of Harare’s roads, amid an increase in potholes which are damaging vehicles.

The state of intercity roads in Harare continues to worry motorists who have to endure navigating potholes and do with extra vehicle maintenance costs.

Motorists told the ZBC News that the city council and ZINARA should undertake road repairs urgently.

The current standstill of road repairs along most Harare roads has been attributed to non-payment by authorities and non-availability of foreign currency.

Four companies; Bitumen World, Tencraft, TNC and Fossil Contractors, were contracted to rehabilitate Harare urban roads.

Last year, Bitumen World stopped works in Gweru over non-payment of funds.

Contacted for comment, Bitumen World Operations Director, Chris Segar said the company does not discuss client relations with the media.