demonstration.jpgResidents of Harare’s Mbare suburb stormed the Harare City Council’s Remembrance offices in a demonstration to seek clarification on the reasons why some of them are being issued with eviction orders and to handover a petition to the city’s director of housing.

The demonstration by the Mbare residents comes a week after, Highfield and Glen Norah residents marched to the Highfield District Offices to seek clarification on the issue of houses whose ownership was allegedly changed clandestinely by some MDC T councilors.
The residents accused the city fathers of hiking rentals without consulting them and the failure to improve services.

Among those demonstrating were elderly men and women who have also been issued with eviction letters and have bills which exceed $500 dollars to their names.

Harare City Council Director of Housing Mr. Justin Chivavaya tried to calm the angry mob but his efforts were fruitless as his utterances angered the residents even more.
The Harare City Council’s failure to deliver has been described as a major cause for concern and local government experts are recommending that the city fathers prioritize service delivery to avoid future clashes with residents.