garbage.jpgHarare residents have urged the city council to speed up its garbage collection programme to avoid disease outbreaks since the rain season has begun.


Pointing out that heaps of garbage across the city are a health time bomb, the residents in Harare’s high density suburbs urged the city fathers to urgently collect refuse from illegal dumping points to avoid outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and dysentery.


“We are faced with a serious health hazard and we would like to call upon the council to show its presence by collecting garbage in the Sunshine City during this rainy season,” said one resident.


Harare City Council spokesperson, Leslie Gwindi, says the local authority is currently working on a plan to improve waste collection in and around the city.


“We are currently working on a programme to improve the collection of refuse in the city. We are currently working to increase the collection of refuse and we urge people to stop using illegal dumpsites,” he said.


refuse collecters.jpgThe city of Harare has been struggling to regain its sunshine status as the city council is struggling to clear illegal garbage dumpsites that have sprouted around the city.


With the rainy season usually associated with water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery, the city council’s performance in service delivery will once again come under test.