The Harare Open Golf Tourney is back with a total prize money of $20 000 courtesy of the City of Harare and Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association (ZPGA).

The tournament which had gone into oblivion for the last few years will be held on the 9th and 10th of August at Chapman Golf Club in Harare.

The tourney will be played under the theme, “Golf in the Sunshine Capital. The Right Environment for Golf-Sunshine City-It’s a Time to Shine”.

Top local pros and amateurs as well as some from neighbouring Zambia including women are set to compete in the tourney.

ZPGA president and golf pro Gary Thompson who is due to compete at the British Open this week said the tournament is a good platform to market the city.

“Initially crafted under the term of office of previous Mayor Masunda it had become one of three golf tourneys on the local Zambezi Tour and should be grown to become a big event on the Sunshine and eventually European Tour,” Thompson said.

City of Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni said he was delighted to revive the Harare Open which marks the return of exciting times for the city and country.

“This is what other great cities like Jo’burg, Tshwane and Durban do. A city must be a city not a village. Sport and arts play an important role in the city. Budgets should not be embarrassingly skewed but cater for service delivery and sport, they must be defended to residents as clean, smart and acceptable,” he said.

Other local authorities have been challenged not to miss the opportunities and invite other sporting disciplines to achieve the dream of clean cities and earn millions of dollars from such global projects.

The City of Harare will exploit the brand values by partnering sport not just golf but other disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball and netball.

The city which has lost its shine will partner the sport to raise awareness on the effects of climate change and global warming, a cleaner and greener environment, waste management, adoption and care of orphanages and old people’s homes which will add value to the brand of City of Harare.