masvingo rd jpg.jpgThe dualisation of the outstanding section of the Harare -Masvingo road along Waterfalls in the capital is currently underway and government has injected almost US$5 million to sustain the project which was abandoned in 2007 due to lack of funds.


After almost 3 years, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructure Development has restarted work on the Harare- Masvingo road dualisation project.


Secretary for Transport, Communications and Infrastructure Development, Mr. Patson Mbiriri says government has availed US$3.3 million for the construction of the road and another US$1.5 million will be used for building a bridge around the Waterfalls area in Harare.


Mr. Mbiriri said expectations are high that the project will be finished by year end and the construction of the bridge will be done in 9 months.


patson mbiriri.jpg“We are confident that the funds we have set aside will sustain the project. We had left that part of the road due to the fact that there are complications like vleis and rocks and so we are hoping that by year end we will have finished construction of the road,” said Mr. Mbiriri.


Mr. Mbiriri said the Southern Africa Development Bank has agreed to avail funds for the dualisation of the Masvingo road starting from Manyame River. He also said his ministry is also developing toll gates that are dotted around the country’s main roads.


“We have simultaneously embarked on developing toll gates that are dotted around the country’s roads. Toll gates are currently under construction in Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Skyline, Seke and Shamva,” added Mr. Mbiriri.