A Harare man was this morning killed by touts at an illegal bus terminus near Fourth Street.

Police have since closed the illegal pick up point and instigated a search to catch the errant touts.

In an act of blatant lawlessness, the man died after being assaulted by touts at an illegal pick up point for Mutare buses near Road Port.

An eye witness said the touts manhandled the defenceless man who was in the company of his wife before assaulting him.

People said the law enforcement authorities must defend them from these touts who have become a menace.

Police have since closed the illegal Mutare pick up point.

Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said police will not tolerate such lawlessness by touts, adding that they have instigated a search for the alleged culprits.

It has been established that the now deceased, together with his wife arrived at the pick-up point around 5.am enroute to Mozambique.

Upon setting foot at the pick-up point, they were mobbed and manhandled by the touts who force-marched them into a bus.

The touts reportedly later assaulted the victims when they wanted to disembark from the bus.