inspector james sabau 04-04-11.jpgThe business community in conjunction with the Harare Central Police have set up a Crime Consultative Committee aimed at reducing criminal activities including traffic violations in the Harare Central Business District.

The consultative committee, which began operating mid-year, aims to create a crime free environment through a partnership between the private sector and the police.

The committee plans to divide the city into 22 districts, which will be manned by police to reduce criminal violations.

Chairperson of the ZRP Harare Central Police Crime Consultative Committee, Mr Steve Margolis said the group will provide material support for the Harare police force to create a city that is conducive for business.

Harare Police Spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau commended business people for working hand in hand with the police highlighting that crime prevention is the responsibility of all citizens.

The ZRP Harare Central Police Crime Consultative Committee is currently working towards raising resources to purchase information and communication technologies equipment to assist them in getting rid of crime in Harare.