Securities and non-banking authorities will convene in Harare for a three-day conference to work on harmonising financial and capital market laws across the SADC region in line with the new trends of ensuring the ease of doing business.

Across European markets, it is easy for a business to register in one country and move smoothly to the next country without further hassles.

This ensures that deals and businesses are conducted expeditiously, while also encouraging investments.

This is the same line of thought which securities and non-banking authorities from the SADC region are targeting to adopt when they meet in Harare from this Wednesday until Friday.

The harmonisation of laws is meant to enhance regional financial regulatory and supervisory frameworks.

The conference will also focus on capacity building and the participation of authorities that regulate and supervise micro finance and financial co-operatives.

At least 80 delegates from across 15 countries are expected to attend this event hosted after every 6 months and rotates amongst member countries.

Zimbabwe last hosted such an event in 2011.