Harare Central Hospital staff is having a torrid time everytime it rains as they have to scoop out water which is flooding the children’s hospital and the maternity section.

The flooding in the children’s hospital happens whenever a sudden downpour occurs as a result of a blocked drainage system that has not been fixed for years while in the maternity section water is finding its way through the kitchen door which has a gap underneath and through windows that cannot close properly.

Some mothers who were in the maternity section when it rained said they had to be moved to other wards.

Harare Hospital Chief Executive Dr Nyasha Masoka confirmed they had some problems but efforts were underway to address the crisis and he appealed to the corporate world to assist the institution to avert further inconveniences to patients since the rainy season is just beginning.

According to the forecast released by the Meteorological Services Department, the country will experience an el nino weather phenomenon, with expectations of extreme weather conditions such as very high temperatures, strong winds, hailstorms and flash floods over short periods of time.