potholes 01-06-11 2.jpgHarare City Council has embarked on a US$13 million rehabilitation exercise of the city’s roads, which will be implemented in four phases and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Most roads in the capital had turned into an eyesore, owing to poor maintenance but the council look set to address the problem this time around for the good of the travelling public.

Heavy road machinery is already in place to kick start the road rehabilitation exercise, which is anticipated to end by December this year.

Town Clerk, Mr Tendai Mahachi said US$2 million has been advanced by fiscal authorities with the rest of the funding expected to come from vehicle licenses.

“We are embarking on the project to ensure that the city roads become world class and the rehabilitation will be in four phases with the first phase targeting major roads. The project is funded to the tune of US$13 million and the government has already advanced part of the funds to kick start the operations,” said Mr Mahachi.

The move by the city council is anticipated to bring back the glitter of the capital as most of city streets had become infested with potholes, which are damaging vehicles suspension systems and tyres.

Motorists are however saying the council should ensure that such work is carried out during the night so as to avoid heavy obstruction and congestion caused by the road works.