The 2019 Harare City Council’s $472 million budget has been blamed with residents and motorists demanding the local authority to put its house in order before making proposals.

The capital city’s residents and motorists blamed the council for proposing the increase in water tariffs and clamping, tow away and storage charges by an estimated 100 percent.

Residents, who spoke to the ZBC News today expressed anger as they showed dried water taps, saying they have gone for more than four years without water.

Motorists underscored the need for the local authority to re-look into the increase of charges, saying they fuel corruption.

Harare Mayor, Councillor Hebert Gomba justified the proposed water tariff increase as a stop gap measure to fight diseases such as cholera and pointed out that the increase in clamping, tow away and storage charges are a way of decongesting the central business district which has become a jungle especially during peak hours.

Under the newly proposed budget, water tariffs for domestic use for every 200 litres will go up to 83 cents from 70 cents, while the clamping and towing away will go up by 100 percent from the current fee of $57 and $69 respectively.