City of Harare has engaged former Mighty Warriors coach Rosemary Mugadza to spearhead their newest baby, the City of Harare Queens FC.

The club will be conducting trials at Gwanzura Stadium from Wednesday through to Friday for talented girls from the age of 16 which will play in the Northern Region division one this year.

The City of Harare has various teams including the flagship men’s side the ‘Sunshine Boys’ plying their trade in the premier soccer league, the City of Harare netball queens that finished third in the netball super league and the City of Harare Hornets currently leading the Harare Basketball Association league despite being debutants.

Former Mighty Warriors coach Rosemary Mugadza has been appointed head coach of the project.

The formation of the women’s football team is part of their vision and efforts to make City of Harare world class by 2025.

The city holds an annul sports festival which began in 2013 as a platform for the local authority to build synergies and teamwork between Harare’s city fathers, council management and staff.

Harare hosted its first festival in 2013 with the aim of improving service delivery excellence through sport while other local authorities came in as mere observers.

The games which started off as an Intra-Harare City Sports Festival have now grown into a fully fledged inter-cities sporting fiesta bringing together 10 local authorities with a scope to accommodate all urban authorities.