The Harare City Council has endorsed the engagement of four Chinese companies to carry out urgent water and waste delivery projects valued at more than 868 million United State dollars.

This was agreed at a special council meeting convened this Monday.

Clerk Jacob Mafume who led the councilors in agreeing to the deals said the projects should encompass components of a smart city using the latest technology that reduces the human element and minimise revenue leakages.

“We need to achieve a smart city, move with the latest technology to reduce corruption and revenue leakages,” he said.

Town Clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango confirmed government support for the projects which are expected to ease the current water challenges affecting the city of Harare. “We are working together on this with the government to rehab the water system as well as work on effective debt management and collection,” said Chisango.

Harare Mayor Hebert Gomba called for government support in ensuring adequate water supply.

“This will enable people to get water, government should consider budgeting for Kunzvi and Musami dam,” he said.

Although council has approved the funding they now require government guarantee to raise the funding and the 10 percent loan guarantee before the projects can start.

The government in September intervened in the Harare water crisis and availed a total of 79,4 million dollars to improve water access and waste water treatment in the city.